Spare Room Sorted

If you’re getting ready to host a refugee in your home, professional organisers are offering FREE decluttering advice and practical help on-site or virtually.

More than 70 experts are volunteering with Spare Room Sorted, a project launched by Juliet Landau-Pope, together with fellow members of APDO Association of Professional Declutters & Organisers and the Academy of Virtual Organising.

The new Homes for Ukraine scheme will enable people in the UK to open their homes to refugees. If you’re keen to become a host, you may be daunted by the need to clear and organise your home. That’s where Spare Room Sorted can help. Our experts are ready to share practical decluttering tips such as:

  • How to break down a decluttering project into manageable tasks
  • How to make most effective use of space and storage
  • How to reuse, recycle, donate or ethically discard items you no longer need

Professional organisers are located across the UK, from Devon to Dumfries. Many offer virtual services too via phone or zoom. All are small business owners, fully insured and committed to the APDO Code of Ethics. Confidentiality assured.

Spare Rooms Sorted provides details of professional organisers who are volunteering their time and skills. Some offer home visits; others only work virtually so please use the list to find the right organiser for you. We do not recommend or match volunteers with hosts; nor do we take responsibility for any services provided.

The list will be updated regularly. You’re welcome to share it with any other individuals or groups who might benefit from our help.

For professional organisers keen to join our list, please sign up here.

For more info/media comment:

Contact Juliet Landau-Pope